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The FDIC’s Purchase and Deployment of the FDIC Acquisition Management System

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Report Information

Publish Date
Report sub-type
Evaluation Report
Report Number
Funds for Better Use

Unimplemented Recommendations

Develop a change management process and require Divisions and Offices to employ a change management strategy and plan that incorporates relevant elements mentioned in this report when implementing significant changes to business processes. The relevant change management elements should consider the following:
• Understanding the impact on workforce segments,
• Identifying and engaging the right people,
• Assigning a change management leader,
• Establishing relevant objectives and goals,
• Establishing a communication strategy and plan,
• Ensuring open communication and collaboration with employees impacted by the change,
• Providing effective employee training and tools,
• Assessing achievement of objectives and goals, and
• Analyzing and reporting independently and objectively on project health (using tools such as a project sentiment survey or pulse survey) at key intervals.

Implementation of this recommendation will result in $9.9 million in funds to be put to better use as the FDIC realizes better outcomes over time.

Develop and provide training to Executive and Corporate Managers on the change management process and in developing and employing change management strategies and plans.

Develop and implement a change management strategy and plan for the acquisition of a new acquisition management system.