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Ongoing Work

(Information as of May 17, 2024)

Audits, Evaluations, and Cyber

Evaluation of the FDIC's Resolution of Large Banks

The objective is to assess the adequacy of the FDIC’s resolution readiness and response efforts for the failures of Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank, and First Republic Bank, including the extent to which the FDIC adhered to established policies and procedures for key resolution functions.

Audit of Security Controls for the FDIC's Cloud Computing Environment

The objective is to assess the effectiveness of security controls for the FDIC’s cloud computing environment. 

Evaluation of the FDIC's Sexual Harassment Prevention Program

The objective is to determine whether the FDIC implemented an effective Sexual Harassment Prevention program to facilitate the reporting of sexual harassment allegations and address reported allegations in a prompt and effective manner.  This is a follow-up evaluation to our July 2020 report entitled Preventing and Addressing Sexual Harassment, EVAL 20-006.  

Special Inquiry of the FDIC's Workplace Culture with Respect to Harassment and Related Misconduct

The objective is to determine (1) employee perceptions of the FDIC workplace culture with respect to harassment, or related misconduct, and management actions; (2) FDIC management’s actions to review, process, and address complaints of harassment and related misconduct, including the management of related litigation; (3) FDIC executives’ knowledge of harassment and related misconduct and what actions (if any) were taken in response; and (4) factual findings regarding selected allegations that senior officials personally engaged in harassment or related misconduct.

Conflicts of Interest in the Acquisition Process 

Our objective is to determine the extent to which the FDIC has processes and procedures to identify, analyze, respond to, and monitor for conflicts of interest of FDIC employees engaged in the acquisition process.  

The FDIC's Information Security Program - 2024

Our evaluation objective is to evaluate the effectiveness of the FDIC’s information security program and practices. 

The FDIC's Procurement of Resolution and Receivership Services 

Our objective is to determine whether the FDIC awarded certain resolution and receivership contracts in accordance with FDIC requirements, contract terms and conditions, and best practices for government contracting. 

Material Loss Review of Republic Bank

Our objectives for this review, as mandated by the FDI Act, are to (1) determine why the bank’s problems resulted in a material loss to the Deposit Insurance Fund, and (2) evaluate the FDIC’s supervision of the bank, including the FDIC’s implementation of the Prompt Corrective Action requirements of Section 38 of the Federal Deposit Insurance Act, and make recommendations for preventing any such loss in the future.