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The FDIC’s Adoption of Cloud Computing Services

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Audit Report
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The FDIC's Adoption of Cloud Computing Services

Unimplemented Recommendations

Develop and maintain an inventory and catalog of all FDIC data used throughout the cloud data lifecycle.

Establish and implement data governance requirements (e.g., policies, processes, roles, and responsibilities) for managing data residing in the cloud.

Establish an exit strategy for all cloud-based systems.

Develop and implement Contract Management Plans for all contract actions, including contracts, basic ordering agreements, and related task orders, as required by FDIC policy.

Provide additional training to Contracting Officers and Oversight Managers to emphasize the requirement to develop Contract Management Plans for contract actions, when appropriate.

Update the Project Management Lifecycle and/or System Development Life Cycle frameworks to include a Disposal phase and process.

Develop and implement policies and procedures for overseeing the decommissioning of legacy systems.

Review all current and planned system replacements and ensure legacy system decommissioning plans are created in accordance with FDIC policies and procedures.