Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Office of Inspector General
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation - Office of Inspector General

Other OIG Offices

The Immediate Office consists of the Inspector General’s staff who assist in coordinating with the FDIC Chairman and Board of Directors, strategic planning, communications, Congressional relations, public affairs, and other priority areas.

Office of General Counsel is responsible for providing independent legal services to the Inspector General and the managers and staff of the OIG.  Its primary function is to provide legal advice and counseling and interpret the authorities of, and laws related to, the OIG.  The General Counsel also provides legal research and opinions; reviews audit, evaluation, and investigative reports for legal considerations; represents the OIG in personnel-related cases; coordinates the OIG's responses to requests and appeals made pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act ; coordinates with the FDIC Legal Division where appropriate; prepares IG subpoenas for issuance; and reviews draft FDIC regulations and draft FDIC and OIG policies and proposed or existing legislation.

The Office of Management is the management operations arm of the OIG with responsibility for providing business support for the OIG, including financial resources, human resources, OIG Web sites; contracting and acquisition; records retention, and OIG policies and procedures.

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