Term: Shelf Charter
Definition: The chartering authority grants preliminary approval to an investor group for a new bank charter that would remain inactive or "on the shelf" until such time as the investor group is in a position to acquire a failing or failed institution.

Term: Substantially Complete
Definition: Substantially complete applications are those where the PCI has been qualified to bid, but has not yet successfully bid on a failed depository institution.

Term: Successful Bidder
Definition: The PCI has successfully bid on a failed institution and been granted deposit insurance.

Term: Superseded
Definition: Superseded applications were replaced with another application from the same PCI.

Term: Supplemental Bidder List
Definition: The supplemental bidder list is a list, maintained by DRR, of institutions that are cleared to bid on failed insured depository institutions, in addition to the active banks which meet the standard criteria. Any caps on the size of the institutions or the geographic region are also kept on this list.

Term: Tier 1 Common Equity
Definition: Tier 1 common equity is defined in the SOP as being Tier 1 capital minus noncommon equity elements. Non-common equity elements are defined as qualifying perpetual preferred stock, plus minority interests and restricted core capital elements not already included.

Term: Withdrawn
Definition: The PCI withdrew the application.