Table 4: SLA Management Reports

Report: Loss Sharing Summary Report
Description: A monthly report that shows the initial assets subject to loss sharing, SLA losses and recoveries, and FDIC payments broken out by each failed institution.

Report: PMO Report
Description: A monthly report to the Chairman that provides a snapshot of the SLA program, including claims paid to date, the balance of covered assets, a comparison of estimated SLA claims to actual claims, delinquency rates of SLA assets compared to the overall market, loss severity trends for the largest single-family portfolios, and SLA program accomplishments. The report also tracks the status of OIG recommendations contained in OIG reports on SLA compliance.

Report: Quarterly Report to the Chairman and Audit Committee
Description: A quarterly report that contains information on SLA activities and accomplishments, among other things. The most recent report, dated July 8, 2011, documented DRR's progress in conducting compliance reviews, resolving compliance review findings, providing guidance to CMCs to enhance the quality and consistency of their reviews, and meeting corporate goals associated with the SLA program.

Report: DRR at a Glance Report
Description: A weekly report that identifies SLA staffing resources, resolution activities, and information about contract awards.

Report: Loss Sharing Summary Net Payments Report
Description: A monthly report showing the balance of assets subject to loss-sharing, estimated losses, actual losses, FDIC payments, and recoveries.

Report: RSAM Watchlist Report
Description: A report used to track and monitor AIs that warrant increased scrutiny.

Report: SLA Report
Description: A report generated for each shared-loss transaction, which contains high-level information about the closed bank and AI.

Source: OIG-generated based on information from DRR and DOF.