Table 3: Primary Data Resources for the SLA Program

Source: Loss Share SharePoint Site
Description / Purpose: An FDIC storage facility containing P&A Agreements for each AI, visitation reports, claim filings, training materials, written guidance, and other SLA resource materials. DRR and other FDIC staff who support the SLA program have access to this site.

Source: Virtual Data Room
Description / Purpose: A secure FDIC Web site that the FDIC uses to post documents and exchange comments with internal and external users. Within the SLA process, the virtual data room is used to exchange bank data and supporting documentation between the FDIC, AIs, CMCs, and other contractors.

Source: Data Aggregator
Description / Purpose: A contractor, referred to as the data aggregator, provides the FDIC with the ability to electronically review SLA claims; store, manage, and analyze SLA data; produce management reports; and perform statistical analyses.

Source: Loss Share Database
Description / Purpose: A DRR database that houses loan and loss claims data and tracks SLA program activity by receivership. Using this database, the FDIC is able to produce management reports identifying the assets subject to sharedloss coverage. The database is populated through manual entry, and in 2012, DRR expects to implement a means to automatically populate the database and migrate it into the data aggregator.

Source: Risk Share Analysis Database
Description / Purpose: A DRR database containing loan-level details on the initial and final schedules of shared-loss assets and summary information on claim filings. Data from this database is used to create management reports.

Source: Loss Share Cost Estimate Database (LSCED) and Other Related Datasets
Description / Purpose: Datasets containing basic data from the initial and updated resolution cost estimates for shared-loss failures. LSCED contains initial estimates. Two other datasets contain more up-to-date estimates. These datasets are used for reporting, research, and analysis.

Source: Dashboard Oracle Environment
Description / Purpose: Oracle database with a wide variety of data that supports the Chairman's dashboard. Contains data on resolutions, SLAs, receiverships, and industry aggregates. This database is used for managerial reporting.

Source: Integrated Compliance Engine (ICE)
Description / Purpose: A DRR data resource deployed on July 26, 2011, used to identify and record the disposition of all recommendations contained in the CMC visitation reports.

Source: OIG-generated based on information from DRR.