Figure 1 Provides an Overview of the Application Review Process and depicts the process in a flowchart format. The process steps follow:

Step 1: Bank submits application to the Region.

Step 2: Application is entered into Application Tracking System.

Step 3: Case Manager reviews application, considers 9/30/08 call report, most recent or ongoing examination, and state regulator feedback. Deputy Regional Director (DRD) reviews decision.

Step 4: The region makes a determination of whether the applicant meetings the Treasury Viability criteria.

Step 5: If no, Region recommends bank withdraw.

If yes, Regional case decision is entered into SharePoint Repository.

Step 6: Washington Area Review Panel (WARP) performs secondary, quality assurance review.

Step 7: WARP and Regional DRD vote on the application.

Step 8: If bank is considered viable, the application is forwarded to Treasury with a presumptive approval recommendation. If the viability criteria is not met, the application forwarded to CPP Interagency Council for additional review.

Source: OIG review of DSC and Treasury CPP information.