Chart describing KPMGs Strategy Framework

KPMG evaluated FDICs efforts towards energy efficiency using the four key drivers namely (1) Reduce Consumption, (2) Reduce Cost, (3) Measure and Communicate, and (4) Stewardship and Alignment. Under each driver, KPMG used two or more aspects to evaluate FDICs efforts. They are as follows:

Reduce Consumption included (1) Energy Consumption and (2) Water Consumption. Reduce Cost included (1) Energy Cost Management, (2) Water Cost Management, and (3) Federal, State & Local Utility Incentives. Measure and Communicate included (1) Monitor and Report and (2) Communication Strategy. Stewardship and Alignment included (1) Develop Program and (2) Situational Awareness of the FDIC

Note: Each box on the Strategy Framework corresponds to actionslisted on the Roadmap in Appendix II.