Detail of KPMG’s approach evaluated the FDIC’s activities against the growth and maturity framework

KMPG used the growth and maturity framework for Energy Efficiency that is used in the private and public sector to evaluate the FDIC’s activities. The framework included the following three stages:

  • Maintaining which required embedding energy optimization into operations,
  • Enhancing which required overlaying “Green” onto new solutions, and
  • Corporate Investment which required adopting emerging technologies and approaches.

The stages discussed above involved several steps under each stage as follows:

Maintaining [embed energy optimization into operations]:

  • Adopt leading practices associated with reducing consumptionof energy / water and creation of waste
  • Continually review costs associated with energy, water and facility management to reduce price points
  • Identify available incentives and other financial offsets(government, supply side, vendors, etc.)
  • Use existing optimization programs as a channelto improve “greeness”–technology refresh, server virtualization, enterprise architecture and others

Enhancing [Overlay “Green”onto new solutions]:

  • Drive more efficient equipmentinto the environment
  • Increase usage of energy design criteriafor new infrastructure solutions
  • Establish key performance measurementsassociated with “going green”
  • Increase participation in industry bodies(e.g., Integrated Energy Management Working Group)
  • Implement enterprise Energy Management Systems

Corporate Investment [Adopt emerging technologies & approaches]

  • Play a supporting role in corporate energy managementefforts
  • Provide recommendations & participate on further improving the FDIC’s green profile, examples:
    • Securing alternate energy channels
    • Investments in solar & co-generation
  • Develop risk management plans for changes in federal guidance, federal acquisition policy, or other adverse event

KPMG concluded that the FDIC is performing a mix of Maintainingand Enhancing activities.