Regional Contract Operations - Table Description

July 16, 2004
Audit Report No. 04-025

Table: Phases and Activities of the Contracting Process

The Pre-solicitation Phase has the following activities:

  1. Requirement identified
  2. Article 17, "Contracting Out" documentation
  3. Expenditure authority approved
  4. Statement of work prepared
  5. Price estimate
  6. Requirements packages to ASB
  7. Evaluation criteria developed
  8. Source selection plan
  9. Source list prepared

The Solicitation Phase has the following activities:

  1. Identification of prospective offerors
  2. Solicitation distribution list prepared
  3. Solicitation issued
  4. Proposal receipt

The Evaluation Phase has the following activities:

  1. Technical evaluation
  2. Price evaluation
  3. Competitive range decisions
  4. Call for best and final offers
  5. Contractor eligibility reviews

The Award Phase has the following activity:

  1. Contract award

The Administration Phase has the following activities:

  1. Performance
  2. Processing and paying invoices
  3. Tracking invoices against expenditure ceilings
  4. Executing modifications
  5. Audit resolution
  6. Closeout

Source: The FDIC Acquisition Policy Manual.

Last updated 09/29/2004