Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Office of Inspector General
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation - Office of Inspector General

Evaluation Reports

(by fiscal year)

    • Processing of Consumer Complaints (EVAL-18-003) May 02, 2018
      PDF [409.59 KB] TEXT
    • Claims Administration System Functionality (EVAL-18-002) March 16, 2018
      PDF [993.93 KB] TEXT
    • FDIC’s Implementation of Consumer Protection Rules Regarding Ability to Repay Mortgages and Compensation for Loan Originators (EVAL-18-001) December 06, 2017
      PDF [366.3 KB] TEXT
    • Controls over Separating Personnel’s Access to Sensitive Information (EVAL-17-007) September 18, 2017
      PDF [2.71 MB] TEXT
    • FDIC's Process for Filling Certain DRR Time-Limited Positions (EVAL-17-006) July 13, 2017
      PDF [310.92 KB] TEXT
    • The FDIC's Controls over the Information Technology Hardware Asset Management Program (Eval-17-005) June 08, 2017
      PDF [439.21 KB] TEXT
    • Technology Service Provider Contracts with FDIC-Supervised Institutions (Eval-17-004) February 14, 2017
      PDF [1.15 MB] TEXT
    • The FDIC's Risk Monitoring of Systemically Important Financial Institutions' Proximity and Speed to Default or Danger of Default (Eval-17-003) January 26, 2017
      PDF [1.47 MB] TEXT
    • OIG Hotline Complaints Regarding Employee Travel (Eval-17-002) December 15, 2016
      PDF [230.14 KB] TEXT
    • FDIC's Efforts to Ensure SLA Recoveries Are Identified and Remitted (Eval-17-001) December 06, 2016
      PDF [654.71 KB] TEXT
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